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Ace Anglia Advisory
Group Members

  • Lewis Old

    “I have people skills and am a confident speaker, I can motivate people as I always think positive. I love doing charity work and was keen to get involved with Ace.”

  • Mandy Martin

    Mandy has a lot of experience in self-advocacy and is keen to share her skills with other people on the Ace Advisory group to promote the importance of Advocacy.

  • Mark Conquer

    Mark has been a long time member of the Stowmarket People First group. He is keen to use his experience of being a self-advocate to spread awareness of new assistive technologies to help promote independence.

  • Daniel Smy

    Daniel has been a member of the Ipswich People First group for 10 years, and enjoys being involved in what Ace do.

  • Andrew Squirrel

    “I have a lot of experience in services. I think it’s really important to listen to peoples voices and stand up for people.”

  • Roxy Begum

    Roxy is keen to promote speaking up. Roxy has worked with the police, appeared on Safeguarding and Say No To Abuse films.

  • Hilda Turner

    Hilda is the President of Ace Anglia. Hilda is also the Ambassador for people with learning disabilities in Suffolk, with a vast experience in shaping and influencing services.

  • Christian Rapheal

    Christian has advised at a national level on the importance of effective ways of involving people with complex needs. “I have a broad understanding of issues that people with learning disabilities face”.

  • Lauren Parker

    “I am good at listening, patient and focused.”