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Our Team

  • Andrea Clark

    Manager / TVS Advocate

    Andrea started at Ace on the management committee. She has held various posts within the organisation including office volunteer, citizen advocate, supporter, advocate and now holds the position of General Manager.

  • Jonathan Chew

    People First Advocate / TVS Advocate

    Jonathan Chew or ‘Chewy’ started at Ace in 2006. Chewy works as an advocate, on our People First groups, Ace Surgeries, and holds the position of Team manager.

  • Jemma Hardy

    People First Advocate

    Jemma has been at Ace since 2005. Jemma works as an advocate, as well as working on the People First meetings. She has recently passed her NAQ (National Advocacy Qualification).

  • Anita Beamish

    Assistant Manager/ TVS Senior Advocate

    Anita started working with Ace in 2013, and supports parents with learning disabilities whose children are in the Child Protection process. She also does some issue based generic advocacy. She currently works part-time for Ace as part of the Total Voice Suffolk project.

  • Kat Murray

    TVS Senior Advocate / HR Lead

    Kat is an advocate working on the ART (Accommodation Review Team) project which addresses the housing needs of adults with learning disabilities. Predominantly, her role is to provide advocacy for individuals moving into supported living from a residential setting along with any associated issues.

  • Max Clark

    People First Advocate

    Max started at Ace in 2012. He works on our monthly people first groups and drop ins, which are held across the county. Max also works on our Easy-Read translation service, film projects and as a supporter at meetings.

  • Bon Collins

    Community Development Lead For Suffolk Community Advocacy

    Bonnie Collins or ‘Bon’ started at ACE in June 2015 as Community Development Lead for Suffolk Community Advocacy.

  • Bridget Warren

    TVS Senior Advocate

    Bridget started working for ACE in 2015, having previously worked as an advocate for children and young people. She has completed the Certificate in Independent Advocacy and works on issue based generic advocacy and child protection advocacy.

  • Annette Berrington

    Senior Advocate

    I have over 30 years experience of supporting people with learning disabilities.
    I am working towards gaining the National Advocacy Qualification.

  • David Taylor

    Accountancy Assistant

    He is a qualified accounting technician. His main responsibilities are day to day financial & administrative duties within the office.

  • Jack Kennedy


    Jack started volunteering with Ace in 2006. Jack has various administration duties, including meet and greet at our Suffolk People First meeting. He also volunteers at several other charities.

  • Andrew Stewart


    Andrew started volunteering at Ace in 2005. His main role is keeping the website news stories up to date along with other I.T. support.