Emile’s Week

This is me and Nigel, we had lunch out at Lime Tree Cafe. He’s been working with me for 4 years now and he’s been a really good mate to me and we get on so well with each other and I class him as more of a mate than a personal assistant. He takes me out places and we have been to the beach and train journeys before lockdown and hopefully, we can do that again soon.

I use my scooter to get around. My scooter helps me get around easy to places around where I live, I don’t know where I would be with out my scooter.

I have a volunteer job at Age UK twice a week. This is me working on the till wearing my mask and working behind the plastic to keep us safe.

I have lived at my house for 3 years now. I enjoy living there with my housemates, so we made a cake to celebrate. I love where I live now I get on with all my support workers. My support workers have been really good to me since all this lockdown they’ve all been good.

I’ve been enjoying the sunshine with my music playing from my speaker.

This is me and my housemate dancing to a TikTok. I have a laugh with my housemates.

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