Joel’s New Tablet!

Over the last 12 months Technology has been one of the most important factors in being able to communicate with family, friends and self advocacy groups etc. These are skills that we have all learnt and it’s so important that we maintain them as we move forward.

Joel who is a peer educator for ACE Anglia was recently was on a Zoom call with Leeds People First when he mentioned to them he couldn’t put his Camera on as he only had his phone to use and that it didn’t work with audio and camera on at the same time.

Somebody on the meeting asked Joel if he would like a tablet as they work with an organisation called BTM who may be able to help Joel.

We Contacted BTM who you can read about here

BTM then took some details and sent out the tablet to Joel.

Joel is now able to connect properly and be fully involved in meetings.

Joel and ACE would like to thank Leep 1 (Leeds People First) and BTM for making this possible.

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