Joel’s Week.

This is me wearing my mask, you have to wear it when you go into doctor’s surgeries too. Its important not to keep taking your mask on or off and not to keep touching your face.

Midnight is my cat, he is so lovely. he is very affectionate. I’ve had him for four years and learnt about caring for a pet. I have to feed him cat biscuits, give him fresh water everyday and empty his litter tray.

Here is Midnight laying on the bed. He is comfortable when he knows you’re there for him.

I have started volunteering at a place in the park where people can leave their dogs for a while whilst they do something – its called dog sitting. I also cut the grass there sometimes. I go on Wednesday. I talked to my friend who gave me the number of the person who runs it and i went to see it and talk to her first so i knew if i liked it and i did so i will keep going back.

This is me walking back from town after some food shopping. I tried out wearing this red mask, i find it more comfortable because it is more breathable. Also my glasses don’t steam up as much wearing this one. I have to wash it though when i get home.

This is my first homemade burger, i made it in my kitchen at my flat. I followed a recipe online to check what ingredients i needed and how to make it. You put the mince and onion in a bowl then on some flour you make burger shapes and then i fried them. Making it from scratch tasted better.

This is me singing along to the original Pokemon song. I like TikTok because you can meet new people and talk to them, the videos are funny and you can do videos about your favourite things.

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