Josh: My week.

Each week people are using photographs, film, and writing to explain what they’ve been up to. This week Josh shares some of the exciting things he’s been doing each day for a week. If you would like to share something too, contact or call or message 07920 427826.

Monday: This is my laptop where I sometimes go on it to go on websites like YouTube or do anything. I go to online meetings with Ace on a Monday afternoon. They are very useful. We keep up to date with information and can chat to everyone. Wednesdays I use my laptop to go to a health and wellbeing meeting we talk about health worries and get information from the nurses and doctors.

Tuesday: This is Snowy my rabbit. Snowy is my niece’s pet who moved in with me after they moved house a couple of years ago, she likes carrots and water.

Wednesday: Sometimes I go and visit my sister and my nieces and nephew. I help look after the kids and have conversations with everyone.

Thursday: I go on bike rides, I ride it around the corner way of my house. It’s a good way to stay healthy. I first got that bike as a birthday present in 2019. It feels great and it’s fast!

Friday: This bench I often sit on when I walk into town. I walk into town whenever I need something.

Friday: We should wear a mask or face covering in shops now. I will wear one when I go shopping. I’d say it’s important for people to wear a mask because it helps protect me from the Coronavirus.

Saturday: I sometimes go to these places. You have to try and keep a metre distance between each other. You can take your mask off to eat and drink if you need to.

Sunday: This is the Abbey Gardens. Sometimes I meet up with a group of friends here. It is very calm and beautiful and you can see nature.

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