Masks dumped on my local streets in Ipswich.

Joel writes about and shows us pictures of masks he’s seen that haven’t been disposed of safely in Ipswich.

“When I find masks on the floor I feel disgusted about what people are doing. It’s not right that people chucked them on the floor. I find them all over the place.

I wish people would stop chucking masks on the floor, if someone ends up picking it up they could get the virus and it could be bad for animals if they eat it.

If people don’t want the masks anymore chuck them in a bin because you’re endangering other people. There are lots of bins people can put them in so people shouldn’t be lazy and should be responsible and think of the community more. If I saw someone throw their mask I’d remind them to put it in the bin.

I saw 16 masks on the floor all together.

We should report it to the local council and see what they are doing to make this issue better.”

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