Meeting Tom Cahill NHS National Director of Learning Disability and Autism.

On Monday 6th February Ace Anglia met with Tom Cahill, NHS National Director of Learning Disability and Autism, SNEE ICB, Suffolk County Council and The Learning Disability Liaison Team.

We had presentations from Ace Anglia, The Learning Disability Liaison Team and Ace Anglia Peer Educators.

Thank you to everyone who attended:

Tom Cahill, NHS National Director of Learning Disability and Autism

Wendy Hicks, Head of Policy for LD&A Programme NHS England

Susan Fox, Head of Learning Disability and Autism Programme East of England

Vimmi Hayes (Head of Service Development and Contracts Specialist Support – Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Autism, Suffolk County Council)

Wendy Scott (Head of Quality Mental Health Learning Disability and Autism ICB)

Alison Sadler (LD&A Project Manager ICB)

Lisa Nobes (Executive Chief Nurse ICB)

Jerry Newman (Learning Disability Liaison Nurse)

Tina Harris (Health Facilitator)

Heather Meek (Service Manager for Learning Disability Community Teams NSFT)

Andrea Clark (CEO Ace Anglia)

Chewy (Co-production Project Lead Ace Anglia)

Nikki Betts (Health Project Co-ordinator, Ace Anglia)

Sara Burton (Health Project Co-ordinator Ace Anglia)

Ian Dunstan (Peer Educator Ace Anglia)

David Hill (Accessible Information Design Lead Ace Anglia)

Matt Chittenden (Peer Educator Ace Anglia)

Rae Saunders (Peer Educator Ace Anglia)

Stacey Bull (Peer Educator, Ace Anglia)

Izzie Akers (Digital Content Designer Ace Anglia)

Phil Robbins (Trustee & Family Carer Ace Anglia)

Kat Murray (HR & Operations Director Ace Anglia)

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