Now My Leisure Centre Is Open Again

Josh tells us what it was like to go swimming again at Abbeycroft Leisure Centre in Bury st Edmunds.

This review is about Abbeycroft leisure centre in Bury. Here is how it has changed.

Leisure Centre

Before going you have to book whatever you want to do online via by credit/debit card.

Credit card

There is now free hand wash available at the reception.

Hand Wash

At the lane pool you are now allowed to have a drink by the side of the pool.

Bottled Water

The sessions are now limited to a couple of hours only.


The café is not open and the pool for children is no longer available, neither are the showers.

Closed 1

Lockers and changing rooms and the gym are still available though.

Swimming trunks

It was great to get in the pool again, I had missed swimming.

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