Annette Berrington

Managing Advocate

About me

When I was growing up my friends would dream of being a nurse or working in the police. I didn’t know what I wanted to be, so, I sat an online test.

The result of this test said the best job for me would be a fire fighter, me, a fire fighter, I don’t like heights and I faint if I get too hot.

About my work

My first job after leaving school was on a youth training scheme, learning health and social care. At 17 years old I worked with adults with a learning disability and autistic people. I always look back at this time with great fondness, it helped to steer my career and shape me as a person.

Being a full-time advocate means that I get to work with lots of people across Suffolk.

In July 2022 I celebrated 7 years working for Ace Anglia, having a forward-thinking supportive team is why I love my job.

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