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Bowel Cancer Screening

Please click the link below for a bowel cancer screening easy read picture story created by Beyond Words.

Bowel Cancer Screening Easy Read

This is a story for people who find pictures easier to understand than words. It is not necessary to be able to read any words at all.

Start at the beginning and read the story in each picture. Encourage the reader to turn the pages at their own pace

Whether you are reading the story with one person or with a group, encourage them to tell the story in their own words. You will discover what each person thinks is happening, what they already know, and how they feel. You may think something different is happening in the pictures yourself, but that doesn’t matter. Wait to see if their ideas change as the story develops. Watch, wait and wonder.

. It can help to prompt the people you are supporting, gradually going deeper into the meaning, for example:
• I wonder who that is?
• I wonder what is happening?
• What is he or she doing now?
• I wonder how he or she is feeling?
• Do you feel like that? Has it happened to you/ your
friend/ your family?

Some people will not be able to follow the story, but they may be able to understand some of the pictures. Stay a little longer with the pictures that interest them.

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