Have you had your annual health check?

Some of our peer educators, Harriet, Joel and Ian have provided us with annual health check facts.

– You should fill in a pre-health questionnaire before your annual health check?
– You can ask for a health action plan?
– You don’t need to be unwell to go to your annual health check.
– You should talk to your doctor about any worries you many have.

– If you have a mar sheet, it’s always good to take it with you.
– You need to be 14 or over to have free annual health checks.
– You should have between half an hour or an hour or a bit more if you need it do to the annual health checks!

– Your support worker can go with you if you would like them to.
– Your birthday month is probably when you will have your annual health check.
– You have to be on your GP’s LD register to get an annual health check.
– You can have reasonable adjustments when you go to your doctors for example, longer appointments or quieter time.