Housing Guide

We recently worked on the Housing Guide with Learning Disability England.

To access the housing guide click on the link below.

It was supported by a co-design group of self-advocates and families.

The co-design group was Jo, Rachel, Danielle, Gary, Liz, and Kate.            

Thanks to everyone who shared stories, gave us feedback, and let us include their work. 

Please do share feedback and comments with Learning Disability England.

Twitter: @learningdiseng 

Email: info@LDENgland.org.uk

Housing LIN

Website: www.housinglin.org.uk/ 

Twitter: @HousingLIN 

Email: info@housinglin.org.uk

Ace Anglia

Website: www.aceanglia.com

Facebook: aceanglia

Twitter: @aceanglia

Email: info@aceanglia.com

There are links to other organisations work in this guide. 

Learning Disability England cannot be responsible if those organisations have made a mistake but if you find a problem, please let us know.

You can contact us by emailing info@LDEngland.org.uk

This guide builds on the work of Jenny Pannell and Nigel King in Finding a Place to Live (2008 updated and revised 2010) written for the Valuing People Support Team and Your Place to Live making it happen written by Alicia Wood written for Housing Options. We thank them for their generous support as we started this guide and acknowledge their important contribution in that work.

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