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Covid 19 Booster Vaccine

If you have had two doses of your Covid 19 vaccination and it has been 6 months since your 2nd dose, you can get your Covid 19 booster vaccination. Some people with learning disability who are severely immunosuppressed will get a third primary dose before their booster, and if there is any doubt please contact…

Bowel Cancer Screening

Please click the link below for a bowel cancer screening easy read picture story created by Beyond Words. Bowel Cancer Screening Easy Read This is a story for people who find pictures easier to understand than words. It is not necessary to be able to read any words at all. Start at the beginning and…

Having a smear test

Do you need a smear test? Are you worried about having a smear test? Why is having a smear testimportant? What happens duringa smear test? This booklet has been written by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. Jo’s are a charity for people with or who are worried about cervical cancer. If you have questions, call Jo’s…

Testicular Cancer and Self-checking

This booklet can help you learn about cancer. But this is not the same as talking to your doctor. If you are worried about your health, you should talk to a doctor or nurse. Please click the link below for the easy read document created by Change. Testicular Cancer and Self-checking easy read

AAA Screening

Resource from NHS – Please click on the link below for the easy read. AAA Screening Link! Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) screening. An easy guide about a health test for men who are 65 or older This leaflet tells you about a free NHS test you can have to check if you have a health…

Breast care for women

This easy read booklet is about breast care for women. You can learn about checking your breasts and screenings for breast cancer. If you are worried about your health, you should talk to a doctor or nurse. Link: Macmillan Cancer Support Easy Read Booklet

Diabetic Screening

Having your eyes checked is the only way to find out if diabetes is making your eyesight worse. Please click on the Easy Read produced by SeeAbility which gives you information about diabetic screening. Easy Read Diabetic Screening Link More information on eye care:

Sexual Health Easy Read Booklets

The new Sexual Health easy read booklets are now available! The booklets were co-produced with individuals with learning disabilities in partnership with Public Health, Ace Anglia and Thinklusive. Individuals helped with the development of the design, content and images to make sure it was easy to use and understand. You can access and view the…

National Strategy for Autistic Children!

On the 22nd July the government launched the National Strategy for Autistic Children! The government is working to make things better for autistic people in England. They have written a new strategy to improve the lives of autistic people, their families and carers in the next 5 years. Please click on the Easy Read version…

National Disability Strategy!

Today the government has launched the National Disability Strategy! The strategy explains:– How they want the lives of disabled people to improve.– What the different parts of the government will do to help improve the lives of disabled people.– How they can encourage other people to do things that will improve the lives of disabled…

Future of Advocacy Survey

The Learning Disability Partnership would also like to hear your views and experiences if have used advocacy or been involved in it. Please click on the link below ‘Future of Advocacy Survey’  and download to your device to fill out the questionnaire about advocacy services in Suffolk. Please send your filled out questionnaire to once completed.

How to unmute participants on zoom easy read guide

Many thanks to Sunderland People First for telling us about this amazing tip. It has helped us to support so many individuals. Here is a guide we created to explain how to do this. We hope it helps others too!

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