Suffolk People First 2023

On Friday 23rd June we hosted Suffolk People First at Kesgrave Community Centre.

The theme for the conference was: Compliments, complaints and comments.

We had lots of great organisations attend the day:


Healthwatch Suffolk 


Suffolk Advocacy Service


Suffolk Trading Standards 

BBC Radio Suffolk Interviewed self-advocates on the day, you can listen to their interview here:

We started the day with our president Hilda introducing Suffolk People First and why it’s important for people to have their voice heard. “We have a voice and we should use it”

We watched a couple of films by two Family Carers Kate and Phil. In their interivews they speak about why it’s important for people to make compliments, comments and complaints.

How to make compliments, complaints and comments:

In the afternoon we had a presentation by our Self-advocacy team at Ace Anglia and we did a table top exercise on self-advocacy groups. We asked people where they would like to attend self-advocacy groups. In these groups you will have your voice heard, meet new friends and have a chat.

We finished with Accessibility in the Community with Emile:

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