Phil Robbins


About me

I think it’s important that we:

  • Support the human rights of people.
  • Work as people to look after each other.
  • Are clear about what is happening to people in our world and act swiftly doing what seems right to us.
  • Create communities which are inclusive, decent and resilient through example.
  • Have humour, lightness and fun alongside serious intent and action.

What people say about me

  • Phil sits down with people enjoying simply being with people.
  • Phil is a force of nature when he is supporting someone else.
  • Phil has a good sense of humour – if a little quirky and can certainly laugh at himself – he needs to live with himself!
  • Phil prefers to do spreadsheets standing on his head no reason or history explains this fully.
  • Phil expresses feelings in situations where it is rare or unexpected – unscripted and sometimes coherently!

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