Easy Read Checking Service

We employ a team of autistic people and people with a learning disability to review all Plain English, Easy Read and Talking Text information we create. This ensures everything we do is accessible. This is included as part of the quote for all Accessible Design Services.

There is a separate service for the Easy Read Checking Team to review any accessible information you create.

An easy read booklet showing images on the left side and text one the right side. Magnifying glass looking at the booklet.

Formats we check

Our step-by-step for checking your Easy Read

The time it takes to review documents depends on how large the information is. We look through information in one-hour sessions and can do more than one review if you wish.

  1. The information is reviewed by David and a pair of experts with experience made up of Jemma, Joel, Mark or Stacey. 
  2. The Easy Read Checking Team reviews documents by looking through a page at a time. They feedback on whether the wording makes sense to them and they understand the information’s meaning.
  3. The Easy Read Checking Team select words that may need to be explained in a hard word glossary.
  4. We will then send you a feedback report.

How much does our Easy Read Checking Service cost?

For feedback on your documents, we charge £70 for a 1 hour session. This includes the time of David and two experts with experience.

Large documents will need more than one session.

You can request for more sessions for us to review the new iterations of your document.

We are always happy to receive requests, so please contact us if you need your information checked by our team: info@aceanglia.com

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