Filming & Editing Service 

At Ace, we believe videos are a key platform for autistic people and people with a learning disability to use and access as a way of communication. People engage with the visual aspect of videos and it is easier to maintain their interest.

We will work with you to create a video or a series of videos that are right for you. The videos at Ace are produced in co-production with autistic people and people with a learning disability, professionals, and the team at Ace Anglia.

Our video-making service is not only a valuable tool for promoting inclusivity, but it also empowers people to express themselves creatively and to share their stories with a wider audience.

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Film projects examples

Our step-by-step for creating your film

Depending on the length of the video the time frame can vary for each project. 

  1. Meet with you on Microsoft Teams or face to face. Talk about ideas, deadlines, location and who needs to be on the film and what we will need from you. We will then send you a quote.
  2. Set up our equipment and film the footage.
  3. Select the best footage. Create a flowing story by editing the footage and sound and add music. We will subtitle and then send you a draft.
  4. We will do any suggested amendments. Once the draft is signed off, we will send you a high-resolution film.

How much does our Filming and Editing Service cost?


Full day at £280

Half a day at £140

Plus travel expenses.


We charge £35 per hour and as we are a charity you do not need to pay VAT. We tell you how many hours the editing will take in the quote.

The quote includes: Selecting the best footage, putting the clips together, subtitling, adding music and logos.

We will then send you a draft and make any amendments.

If you would like to work with us contact:

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