Talking Text Video & Audio Service

A talking text video uses an Easy Read format and a voiceover to explain information. 

These are great for people who find it hard to read or are visually impaired.

Ace Anglia can turn any Easy Read information we translate into a talking text video and audio recording. 

The voiceovers are recorded by autistic people and people with a learning disability.

Laptop display the words, talking text, and icon of a speaker

Talking Text projects examples

Our step-by-step for creating your Talking Text

The time it takes to create a talking text video is up to 10 hours. We usually complete this over one week. Talking Text videos take longer than audio recordings.

  1. Once an Easy Read or Plain English document has been signed off, we will record the voiceover.
  2. For Talking Text videos, we will then create the slides from the Easy Read document.
  3. We will create the Talking Text Video using the slides and the voiceover. A low-res talking text video will be sent to you for review.
  4. We will do any suggested amendments. Once the draft is signed off, a hi-res Talking Text Video will be sent.

How much does our Talking Text Video and Audio format cost?

We charge £420 for an Easy Read document we have created into a Talking Text Video. A free audio format is included.

We charge £280 for an Easy Read or Plain English document we have created to be turned into an audio file.

We are always happy to receive requests, so please contact us if you need your information checked by our team:

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