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Accessible Information


Print, Audio, Digital and Video

What We Do

We specialise in creating communications that are accessible to all.

This could a be a letter, policy document, support plan, information leaflet, grab sheets, agendas or meeting minutes. We embrace new technology, offering print, audio, video and digital solutions for making information accessible for all.

Our work

We work on projects locally, regionally & nationally.

We are passionate about creating new and improved ways to engage, inform and communicate the often complex information across health & social care services.

We believe in the clarity of information, and accessible information is for everyone.

With increased time pressures, a rapidly changing sector & increased amount of information we come across on a daily basis, we endeavour to make the process of consuming information as easy as possible.


Meet Our Team


David Hill

David is the Accessible Information Design Lead at Ace Anglia. He has 5 years of experience, with a background in digital media, working for Channel 4 during the Rio Paralympics, and, working for sports digital media company deltatre.

David thinks it is important to create communication which is accessible to everyone.


Mark Conquer

Mark is an Expert by Experience and offers support to projects from a learning disability & sensory perspective.
Mark works as a volunteer and has been involved in the charity sector for 15 years.


We work with

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If you would like to find out more about our Accessible Information services then please contact us by phone on 01449 678088 or E-mail:

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