Ace support the facilitation of the Suffolk Learning Disability Partnership Board and are a key partner in the implementation of the Joint Suffolk Learning Disability Strategy.

Ace is committed to working in co-production. Ace continues to be people-led, which means internal decisions are always made together. We also think it’s important to spread the culture of co-production and work very closely with people, their families, social care, support providers and health colleagues, voluntary sector and commercial sector to work together to influence genuine culture and organisational change to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities.

The Suffolk Learning Disability Partnership Board

Ace support joint working between all members of the partnership board and ensure co-production, the strategy vision and principles are at the centre of everything we do.

Click the link to read about the strategy: Joint Suffolk Learning Disability Strategy.

The partnership board is made up of self-advocates, family carers, health and social care commissioners, police, education, voluntary organisations, housing providers and provider organisations.

The chairs of the four focus group My Life, My Home, My Health, My Voice will attend the partnership board in rotation, to share with the board their successes and ask for support if needed.

What is its purpose?

The partnership board will work with people to achieve the vision of people with learning disabilities living good ordinary lives as part of their community, with the right support, at the right time, from the right people.

The Partnership Board will:

  • Lead and drive the strategy, using co-production
  • Champion change and be an example to others
  • Be creative and encourage creativity
  • Share good practice
  • Support the completion of the Annual Joint Assessment Framework
  • Host an annual celebration of success and planning for the next year
  • Produce and deliver a strong, clear, engaging communications plan

Co-production within Suffolk County Council, Adult & Community Services

The ACS Learning Disabilities and Mental Health team are committed to work in co-production. The Learning Disability Partnership & Partnership Board is a vital mechanism to facilitate meaningful co-production on the implementation of the Joint Learning Disability Strategy.

For information on the Partnership, visit: 

Two people holding a Learning disability strategy vision sign

Co-production Themes

Accessible Information

The partnership is committed to providing all strategy information in accessible formats. The Partnership now commissions a local provider to create strategy resources into accessible formats. Easy-read was an agreed default format, but large print, plain text & videos are also frequently used.

Respect for all

The partnership involves a wide group of stakeholders including people with lived experience, family carers, professionals, volunteers, providers and support workers. The partnership/Strategy give respect to all, and values everyone’s time and ideas.

Building on strengths and expertise

Building on the respect for all, each member of the Partnership is valued for what they can bring when co-producing work. Everyone has their area(s) of expertise, and this expertise is respected and utilised to bring the best outcomes for adults with learning disabilities living in Suffolk.

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