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The LD Annual Health Check Peer Educator Network


Who are Ace Anglia’s health peer educators?

Steven Largent

I’m not getting any younger! I’m Autistic and have Asperger’s Syndrome. I enjoy having a laugh with people and often have great Dad jokes! In my spare time I enjoy going out and socialising with people in Pubs and Clubs. My favourite sport is Darts and I enjoy going to different events such as karaoke and out door music events. I enjoy spending time with my family and having the odd glass of white wine.

I’m a Peer Educator for Ace, and when I first started I was a self-advocate.

I also work with the Suffolk Law Centre working on tackling Discrimination in the East. I have worked with Ace for 9 years I enjoy helping others with Learning Disabilities and Autistic People. It’s great to feel part of an organisation who understands me. 

Harriet Lucas

Hi I’m Harriet Lucas, I like to go for coffee with my support workers in Felixstowe, I usually have a skinny latte (I like to try to be healthy!) I enjoy playing darts and going swimming too!

I’m an LD Annual Health Check Peer Educator employed and paid by Ace. I have been a self-advocate for Ace for 7 years before becoming a Peer Educator. I’m not just passionate about Annual health checks, I’m also really interested in Women’s health and Mental health.  ​

Joel Mayo

I have Autism, and I wear glasses all the time and I’m sensitive to noise. I live in Ipswich, in my own flat. My hobbies are gaming, football, and working with Ace. I’m really good at Maths! My cat ‘midnight’ is very important to me!

At Ace I’m a Peer Educator on the Annual Health check network. I also work with the Suffolk Law Centre as a peer educator tackling discrimination. I’m very passionate at making sure information accessible for people who are autistic. I was a health champion before I became a Peer Educator. I enjoy working with people who have learning disabilities and autistic people, I have worked with Ace for 7 years and I love it.

Ian Dunstan

Hello my name is Ian Dunstan. I am a Peer Health Educator for Ace Anglia working on Annual Health Checks.

My family, friends, music housework, staff from United Response, my bedroom, my independence, project work are all important to me.

I enjoy working with Ace Anglia and Re – Create, but most importantly is working on Zoom.

My job as a Peer Health Educator Network working on Annual Health Checks, It makes me feel really happy just by making new friends on Zoom and working with Ace Anglia.

Help us to spread the message that annual health checks can check to see if you are healthy and find any problems early. They can help you to live longer and happier lives.

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