Women’s Health

This year, we have had some brilliant workshops delivered by Health Professionals for women with a learning disability at Realise futures in Ipswich. The project was funded by Public Health and Communities Suffolk County Council and has been co-produced by staff at Ace Anglia and Health Professionals.

Sexual Health & Healthy Relationships – Terrence Higgins Trust

Mental Health – Wellbeing Suffolk

Breast Awareness – CoppaFeel!

Cervical Screening – Suffolk GP Federation

Bowel Screening – Learning Disability Liaison Nurses

Periods & Menopause – Dr Phillipa

Health Information (For family carers only) – Ace Anglia

The workshops have been funded by Suffolk County Council and have been co-produced by Staff at Ace Anglia and Health Professionals.

Bowel Screening

Bowel Screening

Mental Health

Breast Awareness

Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships

Cervical Screening

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